Lisa Elliott

Lisa Elliott is a life-long athlete and former professional aerial acrobat and coach.  She approaches this work holistically, incorporating mind, body, lifestyle, and personal values.  She is an MA student in Counseling Psychology at Antioch University Seattle, with a specialization in trauma and integrated body/mind healing modalities. Lisa’s background in embodiment includes founding the Vagus Study Group, with over 4000 members internationally, to study the physiology of stress and trauma. Her understanding of the brilliance of our adaptability and the wisdom of the body are hallmarks of her approach to movement, growth, mindful awareness, and healing, and are her personal lessons from living well with a long-term chronic illness.


Abby Kulkin, MFT

Abby is a passionate mover, athlete, and mental health therapist. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness challenged her definition of health and love for her body. A large focus of her therapeutic work centers around helping clients accept themselves, just as they are, and increase self-compassion. Through Embodied Flow Abby is hoping to combine the power of self-compassion, mindfulness, and joyful movement.