Class Structure

Embodied Flow is a 90 minute class with 60 minutes dedicated to guided movement and 30 minutes dedicated to reflection and brief education.

Class Goals

  • Increase functional mobility

  • Experience a positive sense of connection to your body

  • Develop a compassionate approach to your body’s limitations

  • Experience joy and relaxation through movement

  • Learn mindfulness strategies

  • Improve posture, alignment, balance, and agility

During Class

  • Gentle exercises meant to better connect you to your body

  • Floor flow and gentle bodyweight training

  • Functional mobility

  • Supported flow movement using physio-balls

  • Guided meditation

  • Working with the breath

  • Recommendations for home practice

  • Guided/facilitated conversations about self-care, building self-awareness for sustainable physical activity and the connection to our emotional health, stress, and chronic illness

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